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Re: Witness Anonymity

From: "Clark Hathaway" <earthwrk@doitnow.com>
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 23:15:31 -0700
Fwd Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997 09:56:41 -0400
Subject: Re: Witness Anonymity

> From: HONEYBE100@aol.com [Linda Cortile]
> Date: Sat, 4 Oct 1997 18:54:39 -0400 (EDT)
> To: updates@globalserve.net
> Subject: Re: Witness Anonymity

> >Subj: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Witness Anonymity
> >Date: 97-10-04 16:00:29 EDT
> >From: earthwrk@doitnow.com  (Julianne Presson)
> >To: updates@globalserve.net (UFO UpDates - Toronto)

> Julianne Presson wrote:

> Major snips...

>>If you do not want anyone knowing who you are WHY did you use your
>>real  name in the first place.  You did it to yourself.  So stop blaming
>>everyone else for your problems.  The sooner you stop being the "victim"
>>here the sooner you get on with life.  Although there are "perks" to
>>being a "victim" all the time.  You do not have to take responsibility
>>for ANY of your actions or the decisions you make regarding yourself or
>>your minor children.

> Oh, please!!!    You've got to be kidding!!  Your post doesn't sound as
> though you're up on the details of my case and all that's surrounding it!
> No, I won't bite your head off yet because you sound more like a victim
> than I do!


I would like to offer that it would serve you better to practice response
rather than reaction. Reaction is typical of the actions observed in my
fellow experiencers over the years. I AM not going to attempt to speak for
Julie, but I AM familiar enough with your case to have some particular
suspicions myself as to certain circumstances.

> Let me give you a clue.  I have never used my real name in the first place.
> Maybe you should read up more on what's been going on.  UFO UpDates,
> Toronto has a good web site and they're archives are hugh.

Now let me give you a clue. It wasn't enough for me to sit in a so-called
CE-IV group 'support' meeting month after month, being surrounded by a din
of whining about being a 'victim' and observing a wannabe guru in the midst
of the creation of a modern myth. I don't understand the rational of being
on a national TV show and not using one's own name. I mean really.

>>Yes your son is a minor and YOU are the "adult" who gave permission
>>for him to be filmed.  Sorry you are the one who is responsible here for
>>him being on the film in the first place.  Had you said NO he would not
>>be on the video.

> I'll guess that you don't know much about research or investigations
> either. Tsk tsk. Video's are commonly made of UFO's and the witnesses.
> However, when a person's wish for witness anonymity is not respected the
> blame goes to the blabber-mouth, not the witness.

Quite the contrary miss Linda or whatever your name is. Julianne IS a
researcher and an honest one at that. She makes an attempt to take a look
at all of the data.

Not only that, but Julie HAS experienced along with me some rather extreme
visitations since early 1995. After leaving the Sacramento area in spring
of 1996, they stopped. Although these did not result in either of us being
abducted, the events had most of the 'trappings' most often associated with
abduction experiences.

Be that as it may, your above rhetoric speaks to the fact that most
'abductees' dislike and even flat refuse to take responsibility for their
own actions. Once they learn to begin to, some real progress can be
measured. I AM speaking from personal experience.

>>Oh PLEASE....get out of the "victim role" for a mintue and ask yourself
>>why you would allow ANYONE involved with abduction research to film
>>your minor child???

> Uh... pardon me? Get with it, Julianne! If I didn't get involved with an
> abduction researcher, I might not have understood what was going on
> with my family and me.  This video was an important aspect of my case.
> However, it was supposed to stay behind closed doors.

Guess what sweetie, you still don't understand what has happened to you.
All you have is a piece of the myth created by Mr. Hopkin's and various
other so-called researchers all of whom base their conjecture on only part
of the data available to them. Those who do make an attempt to use all of
the available data unfortunately do not possess the necessary requirements
for the most part to correctly evaluate it.

Only two researchers of note have made any kind of an approach top
understanding what is really occurring in so far as abduction phenomena is
concerned. These two are the author John Keel and the other would be Dr.
Jacques Vallee.

What makes these two gentlemen different from the adherents of the 'nuts
and bolts' crowd, is that each is obviously somewhat knowledgeable in
Metaphysics as well as UFOs. Please note that neither is an abduction

>>Why people allow someone who uses the faulty hypnosis modality he
>>uses on them or their kids is beyond me.  I have seen him in action on
>Discovery Channel and he would be better served to spend a few years
>>getting some education and practical experience.  His showing pictures
>>of grays to kids under 7 years old and then uses hypnosis on them
>>that is suggestive at the least and invalidates any data gathered in the

>In your opinion and some others, hypnosis is faulty. But not in my opinion
> as far as my case is concerned.  Where did you get this information about
> Budd hypnotizing children?  From Phil Klass?  You must have watched the
> NOVA programming last year.  It was a sham!!!  This show was geared
> to make abduction research look criminal. John Velez can elaborate more on
> that if he wishes to.

Phil Klass IMO, is NOT an honest researcher. Anything he has to say on this
subject has no merit as far as I AM concerned and is ignored.

As far as I have been able to ascertain, Julie does not consider Hypnosis
as such as being inherently faulty, but rather some amateur practitioner's
methodology or lack thereof as the case(s) may be. It is a valid and
valuable tool in competent as well as ethical hands.

>>Now have one of your temper tantrums over this message.  Frankly,
>>your continued "horn blowing" in this List about everyone taking advan-
>>tage of you is getting boring.  This is NOT a therapy group, it is a
>>mailing list.

> No. I won't have a temper tantrum because you aren't worth it. But
> you're absolutely right. This is not a therapy group, it's a mailing
> list. So, I suggest that you go and get some therapy.  Here's another
> suggestion, if you're bored.  Don't read the "Witness Anonymity" posts,
> that's all!    Learn how to knitt!!!

Linda or whoever, I AM going to give this straight from the shoulder.

If you are anything like me and have at least one or more genuine
experiences of the variety that falls into the realm of being called "Alien
Abduction", then I would bet that you have long felt that you are here for
some 'special' purpose, but perhaps have never been able to quite define
what it is. You are highly intuitive and more than likely artistically
inclined in some way to include music. You have perhaps always felt that
you were a bit 'different' than others.

You may get off on being in the spotlight as being someone special.
The role of victim feeds this need.

The above has been MY experience.

I AM not going to tell you that you didn't experience anything or that it
wasn't real.

I know that if someone said that to me, they had better be prepared for a

What I will tell you is that it wasn't physical despite Budd Hopkins', John
Mack's or anyone else's including R. Boylan's narrow Sci-Fi view of the

People being taken into a bright light through solid walls up through
ceilings or even through the locked steel rear doors of a '79 Ford Van as
in my case Linda, does NOT constitute an event occurring in physical
reality. Rather, it would be better defined as being a psychic occurrence.
It happened in the Astral plane of experience rather than on the plane of
third density. That does not mean to state however, that the occurrence was
not real. Far from it. In my case it was extremely real as well as

As I came to understand what had happened to me and a bit of the mechanics
involved, I also came to an understanding of how I had created the
circumstances that not only allowed the events to occur, but to keep them
happening as well. I have reason to believe that these episodes go back to
my childhood. Moreover, I do not believe that I AM alone in this boat
either. I suspect that this applies to nearly every person who has
undergone one or more of these experiences.

> Good day to you, Julianne!!  (Door slams shut)!

How predictable Linda.

Look Linda. Know that you ARE indeed very special!

We each create our own reality and therefore are ultimately responsible for
the circumstances upon the path we walk as individuals. There are few if
any exceptions.

I happen to suspect that you agreed long ago to fulfill a purpose during
these times. It is because of this that you were targeted for these
visitations and resultant interference.

You may therefore, regard this as a wakeup call... a sounding of the
trumpet as it were. You will either regard this message as the raving of a
delusional fool, or it will serve to set you to wondering hopefully leading
to the fulfillment of the true purpose for your being here ... One to which
you committed to long ago as indicated if you have indeed had a genuine

You have been sold a bill of goods by those who perpetuated the 'abduction'
event(s) and it has been innocently perpetuated by Mr. Hopkins and his
colleagues. No matter how good their intentions, their efforts have neither
served the experiencer's nor the general public's better interest.

Ignorance of Universal Law does not constitute a valid excuse.

> Linda Cortile

Sincere Kindest Regards...

Clarke Hathaway

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