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Re: Witness Anonymity

From: Don Ledger <dledger@istar.ca>
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 22:24:04 +0100
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Subject: Re: Witness Anonymity

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> >If you do not want anyone knowing who you are WHY did you use your real
> >name in the first place. You did it to yourself. So stop blaming everyone
> >else for your problems.

Everything snipped ........

Hello everyone,

I have withheld comment on this thread since it started several months
back because I wanted to see how it would develope even though I had my
own thoughts on the matter. I have seen it develope into a lot of
personality bashing with the pros and cons of witness anonymity being
offered on both sides.

Stanton Friedman once said, "What's in it for the witnesses?" What

>From what I can gather, Linda Cortile has suffered the loss of her
privacy and now it seems her son's privacy as well. She has probably
suffered ridicule in her community from those who know who she is and so
perhaps has her son. She won't have taken abuse from all that know of
her ordeal because there are those out there that know first hand of
what she has gone through and still others who will understand
irregardless. And what of her husband and the rest of her family? What
will he husband have gone through at his workplace...one can only

When I got into this business a few years back I figured I had a few
things going for me that might be of some value to the study of the UFO
phenomenon. I have a healthy curiosity. I have the abilty to see both
sides of an argument. I have a technical background. I'm a pilot, which
I figured was handy to have in a field that is chock full of aerial
phenomena; and I have a code of ethics that I operate under where it
pertains to the field of Ufology. It is the latter on which I choose to
dwell here.

First let me say that I suffer from all of the usual garbage that we
humans are forced to drag around with us, such as envy, greed and
jealousy etc.so don't accuse me of setting myself up in a stainless
steel coat of shining amour. I am far from sainthood.<G> But maybe it
was from being kicked around mentally and physically by my peers quite a
bit when I was an overweight kid that I got to see first hand what it
was like to be the butt of ridicule and heartless comments.

But then a marvelous thing happened, in my mid teens I shed my weight
and became "normal". I became part of the pack and for once I got a
chance to dish it out myself...but never to people who were fat, 'cause
I knew how that could hurt. Mostly I just satisfied myself at getting
back at the fair sex for having dumped me so many times when I was the
little porker and had more dates broken, usually over the phone, than I
can remember. So my new found powers let me be the dumper instead of the
dumpee. Anyway one day a blond came along and played me like Van Cliburn
plays the piano and so I've been married to her for nearly 32 years.

My whole point here is that other peoples feelings and how you can
affect their lives is super important. All of us are aware of instances
where peoples lives have been subjected to harrassment and outright
murder because of their exposure to the public eye and some misguided
person's need to satisfy some inner demon. John Lennon's murder, the
attack on Reagan and the multible stabbing of Teresa Saldana are just a
few examples. "That's not likely to happen in this field."you say. Why
not? And who's to say it hasn't already. We've all heard stories of
investigators in our field that died under mysterious circumstances and
even the short time I have been involved in this field I have had weird
calls and unexplained events happen to me that seemed to be associated
with my investigations.

So going into any new investigation, I offer those witnesses that I
interview anonymity right up front..whether they ask for it or not. If
they don't want it fine, if they do I respect that and work within those

I find it very objectionable that someone entrusted with a video tape
allowed in confidence would turn around and sell it for what small value
it might have. Linda should out the S.O.B. I know, I know.. it's a tough
world out there, dog eat dog, everybody's trying to make a living...but
at some one else's emotional expense? That's tabloid style folks, pure
and simple. If it doesn't bother you then wait until it happens to you
or worse yet, to your kid. I defy anyone then to sit on their high horse
and say well, I had it coming because I dared to come forward and ask
for help. Jesus people, witnesses are our stock and trade. Without them
we can't investigate. If everyone clammed up where would we be, there
would be no phenomenon to study.

The witnesses are the phenomenon.

Now having said all of the above there is one type of witness out there
that really gets to me. They are the ones on the inside, whether it be
government, military or private citizens that choose to honour some
inside code. I'm not talking about oaths that are taken, swearing to not
reveal the secrets of those institutions upon going to work or serve
with them under threat of imprisonment, job loss or what have you.
I'm talking about the code that comes from pride of belonging to some
unit, service or organization that is sworn to protect the people who
put them there, pay them and placed their trust in them but then denies
those same people the right to know because "We know and we have a code
that says, this is inner circle stuff and we are special, and you great
unwashed out there will never know because you are just too damned
simple to understand it."

I've run into this more than a few times now and I'm here to tell you
folks, if they slip up, I'll print it using their names. If it's
somebody under oath then I'll respect their anonymity but I'll still
pass on the information.

In summary I guess it's fair to say that I have to come down on the side
of the witnesses, giving them the benefit of the doubt and respecting
their wishes, and their right to try and lead a normal life after what
most often seems to be traumatic experiences where Abductions and Close
Encounters are concerned.

There is evidence to suggest that though more people than ever before
believe that UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin and that people are
being abducted by the occupants of these craft, that fewer people are
coming forth with their experiences for fear of being outed and
ridiculed. Let's face it, we all know of more than a few as
investigators, and if we multiply them by our own numbers, there's
hundreds if not thousands right there. People that will not be
documented....maybe one of which has the answer.

Finally though, where I feel it is the duty of each witness of a UFO
sighting to come forward and have it documented, both with the
designated agency and a reputable civilian agency [just to keep things
on the up and up] I think that abduction cases deserve a degree of
anonyimty of its own due to what can be circumstances of a highly
personal nature. There are people out there that are dealing on a day to
day basis with a tremendously trumatic experience "on their own" because
they cannot risk coming forward even to someone they may trust for fear
of this experience coming out in to the light. They do this to protect
loved ones, jobs and their privacy. After seeing what happened with
Honeybee, can you blame them?


Don Ledger

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