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Re: Witness Anonymity

From: "Julianne Presson" <earthwrk@doitnow.com>
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 14:21:42 -0700
Fwd Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 23:04:13 -0400
Subject: Re: Witness Anonymity

> From: HONEYBE100@aol.com [Linda Cortile]
> Date: Sat, 4 Oct 1997 18:54:39 -0400 (EDT)
> To: updates@globalserve.net
> Subject: Re: Witness Anonymity

>>Subj: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Witness Anonymity
>>Date: 97-10-04 16:00:29 EDT
>>From: earthwrk@doitnow.com  (Julianne Presson)
>>To: updates@globalserve.net (UFO UpDates - Toronto)

> Julianne Presson wrote:

> Major snips...

I notice you are choosing NOT to address the issue of Hopkins
using your real name when he speaks???? Are you saying it IS OK
for Hopkins to use your name but if anyone else does they are dog

>>If you do not want anyone knowing who you are WHY did you use your
>>real  name in the first place.  You did it to yourself.  So stop blaming
> >everyone else for your problems.  The sooner you stop being the "victim"
>>here the sooner you get on with life.  Although there are "perks" to
>>being a "victim" all the time.  You do not have to take responsibility
>>for ANY of your actions or the decisions you make regarding yourself or
>>your minor children.

>Oh, please!!!    You've got to be kidding!!  Your post doesn't sound as
>though you're up on the details of my case and all that's surrounding it!
>No, I won't bite your head off yet because you sound more like a victim
>than I do!

I have talked to people who have told me enough about your case
to know it is FULL of holes large enough to float a Mother Ship

Dear, I don't do "victim". Although I have heard your "act" on
stage is very polished.

>Let me give you a clue.  I have never used my real name in the first
>place. Maybe you should read up more on what's been going on.
>UFO UpDates, Toronto has a good web site and they're archives are hugh.

I don't need any clues, I can see the "writing on the wall" just
fine, thank you. :-)

>>Yes your son is a minor and YOU are the "adult" who gave permission
>>for him to be filmed.  Sorry you are the one who is responsible here for
>>him being on the film in the first place.  Had you said NO he would not
>>be on the video.

>I'll guess that you don't know much about research or investigations
>either.   Tsk tsk.   Video's are commonly made of UFO's and the
>witnesses. However, when a person's wish for witness anonymity is not
>respected the blame goes to the blabber-mouth, not the witness.

FYI, I AM a CHT and CD Counselor. I know how "proper research" is
done. You learn that when you go to College. You even learn how
to do it so the results are not "tainted".

> >Oh PLEASE....get out of the "victim role" for a mintue and ask yourself
>>why you would allow ANYONE involved with abduction research to film
>>your minor child???

>Uh... pardon me?  Get with it, Julianne!   If I didn't get involved with
>an abduction researcher, I might not have understood what was going on
>with my family and me.  This video was an important aspect of my case.
>However, it was supposed to stay behind closed doors.

Dear that still does not explain why you would allow your minor
child to be taped without getting something in writing. Or you
could have at least put the child behind a screen.

>>Why people allow someone who uses the faulty hypnosis modality he
>>uses on them or their kids is beyond me.  I have seen him in action on
>>Discovery Channel and he would be better served to spend a few years
>>getting some education and practical experience.  His showing pictures
>>of grays to kids under 7 years old and then uses hypnosis on them
>>that is suggestive at the least and invalidates any data gathered in the

>In your opinion and some others, hypnosis is faulty.  But not in my
>opinion as far as my case is concerned.  Where did you get this
>information about Budd hypnotizing children?  From Phil Klass?  You
>must have watched the NOVA programming last year.  It was a sham!!!
>This show was geared to make abduction research look criminal.
>John Velez can elaborate more on that if he wishes to.

As I have stated I AM a Hypnotherapist who was schooled at
Eastern Washington University. I have never talked to or plan to
talk to Phil Class. He is a "bore". He does not do honest
research and neither does Hopkins. Mack, Boylan, etc.

You and John can say what you like about the NOVA show but the
video clips of Hopkins showing very young children drawings of
grays and then using hypnosis on them which is not acceptable
with a child that young tells the story. The show in no way made
anyone look like criminals. It did a VERY good job at pointing
out Hopkins has NO training as a therapist. People who have NO
training as a therapist have NO business doing therapy.

Now Hopkins may be a very nice person, but that does not make him
a trained therapist. What I see with those who are doing most
abduction research is an UN-natural "dependence" by the client on
the researcher.

95% of female abduction experiencers suffer from what is called
"Learned Helplessness" and "CO-Dependence". This is NOT from
experiencing abduction, it is a "family" dysfunction. Both
disorders can be traced back when a FULL Family History is done.
Proper therapy is needed for these disorders for the client to
become a functioning person again.

>>Now have one of your temper tantrums over this message.  Frankly,
>>your continued "horn blowing" in this List about everyone taking advan-
>>tage of you is getting boring.  This is NOT a therapy group, it is a
>>mailing list.

>No.  I won't have a temper tantrum because you aren't worth it.  But
>you're absolutely right.  This is not a therapy group, it's a mailing
>list. So, I suggest that you go and get some therapy.  Here's another
>suggestion, if you're bored.  Don't read the "Witness Anonymity" posts,
>that's all! Learn how to knitt!!!

Dear, I do not do needle point or knit, maybe you should try a
CO-Dependence group for starters.

Then you should try taking a battery of personality inventories,
and allow a Therapist to gather a COMPLETE family history. As
well as going to an MD to have a complete physical to include
testing for chemical imbalances in the brain and a cat scan. Then
find a REAL scientist who can place some equipment in your home
to indicate changes in the environment.

As for as you telling me I need therapy and that I AM more a
victim than you that is called "projecting" and it does not work
with me.  Sorry NO cigar.

>Good day to you, Julianne!!  (Door slams shut)!

Good day to you Linda (whatever your name really is) and since
you have closed the door I can expect NO reply to this message.

That also must mean this list can get back to what it is intended
for, instead of listening to your whining and flaming attacks on
people who belong to this list.

> Linda Cortile

> research team.

Sure, standing up on a stage where people are "paying" to listen
to you and an untrained hypnotist is hardly a research team. :-)

Have you thought of contacting Bill Bell who produced Y & R about
your problems, it might make a good soap.


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