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Re: One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

From: c549597@showme.missouri.edu [Barbara Becker]
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 14:47:29 -0500
Fwd Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 22:28:16 -0400
Subject: Re: One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In a previous post, Cathy Johnson asked: " Can I ask how a poleroid
camera be made to double expose any of its film?

I have a rather lengthy but I think interesting reply.

Ed used what was called a "Point and Shoot" camera. It was a
Polaroid Colorpak, popular in the 1970s.  Unlike todays Polaroids
that eject the film after it is taken, a photogrpah taken with the
Colorpak remained inside the camera until it was pulled out. Pulling
the photo out of the camera started the development process which
basically ended when the backing was pulled from the film strip.
The fact that the film stayed in the camera until removed made double
or triple exposures effortless.

It was an easy camera to use.  It had few adjustments and exposure
times were automatic.  Light levels were read by the photoelectric
cell, which determined the correct exposure times for exisitng

In July of 1991 I queried Walters about the camera.  He replied:
(postmark July 15, 1991) "Too bad you have no idea what you are
talking about -  try it with a 108 colorpak. Signed Ed.  (He then
added) The 17 year old 'elec eye' does not work."

July 18,1991 I replied. "Too bad the electronic eye was broken.
Did it break with the shutters open or closed?"

(postmark July 20,1991) Ed Walters: "Its fine now -just had to be
cleaned.  But keep in mind the manual shutter is what operates the
camera after darkness."

I wrote him one more time and he did not repsond. This basically
ended our correspondence.

COMMENT:  First, on July 15, 1991 the "eye" is broken, but by the
20th it is fixed?  I suppose it is possible but it seems highly
improbable.  It just seems odd to me.

I called Polaroid and talked to Harro Limbo. Seems that the Polaroid
Colorpak had a double shutter system and without a functioning  "eye"
the shutters would stay in whatever position they were in when it
quit working.  That would totally disable the camera. But Walters
said, "its the manual shutter that operates the camera after dark."

There is no manual shutter in that camera. If Walters had a "manual
shutter" it was because of some odd malfunction in Walters' camera.
Because of this fluke, Walters had more control over the exposure
times than someone with a correctly working Colorpak.  This would
allow even more flexibility in creating multiple exposures.

I did learn something else very interesting is talking with Mr.
Limbo. For those of you not familiar with GBS or Mr. Limbo...

In Walters' book GBS on the Acknowledgments page, (page 7) Walters
says: "Authentication of the photographic evidence required the
expertise of the professionals and others like Harro Limbo, a
technical expert with Polaroid Corporation..."

What exactly does that say?  How do YOU read that?  Do you read
that Harro Limbo authenticated the photographs?  Gee, doesnt that
make you think they are real?  Afterall POLAROID AUTHENTICATED THEM
right?  Wrong.

Well what it REALLY says is:  "Authentication ... REQUIRED the
expertise of... Harro Limbo.  It never says Limbo authenticated
the photos.  And before you start yelling...I just want everyone
who reads this to know that HARRO LIMBO NEVER SAW ED WALTERS

In calling Polaroid, I spoke many times with Limbo and I was
totally shocked the first time we spoke to learn that he had never
seen them muchless  "authenticated" them. And he continued, even if
he had seen the photos the opnly thing he could have authenticated
was that they were a Polaroid film product. I encouraged him to
contact Walters and the publisher but he declined saying that he
felt the whole thing would eventually blow over.

Please tell me how can Ed Walters photograpahs be taken seriously when
even what he writes is deceiving?


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