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UFOs? See For Yourself

From: John Koopmans <john.koopmans@sympatico.ca>
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 13:57:25 -0700
Fwd Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 20:59:24 -0400
Subject: UFOs? See For Yourself

Hi Errol, Hi John Velez, Hi List:

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the number of UFOs that
can be seen from our backyards. John Velez has been discussing this for
a long time. He even posted a few pictures to try to wake us up. Others
have mentioned the "rods" that can be seen when the sun is blocked out,
and a video taken of the area surrounding the sun.

I am indebted to John Velez for helping me learn how to "see" these
objects (although I have yet to see a "stationary" object"). Now I can't
understand why I could never see them before. There are more objects up
there than I ever could have guessed!

You can take an armchair view of this and debate these sightings
Or you can wake up and see for yourselves! It's quite simple, and with
the following procedure, I can almost guarantee immediate results. What
I can't do is provide an explanation of what these things are. Perhaps
someone with a powerful camera can take this experiment to the next

The Procedure

On a perfectly clear day (no clouds or haze) take an ordinary set of
binoculars (I use a Minolta Standard EZ 10X50 Wide Angle 7 degree) and
find a place where the sun is blocked (eg. by a roofline, top of window
frame, etc.). After focussing the binoculars on a distant object (eg.
jet), turn the binoculars to the area near the sun (be careful that you
don't accidently focus on the sun itself). Hold the camera in place, and
you will likely immediately see a lot of "fluff" floating by (eg.
dandelion fluff). Most of it will likely be out of focus, and moviing in
the direction of the prevailing wind. Look way beyond the fluff, and you
will soon see numerous bright objects racing across the sky. Most of
look like bright, silvery round objects, about the size of planets. They
move quite rapidly, but slower than the dandelion fluff blowing by with
the wind. It is difficult to determine their elevation, but if I had to
make a guess, I would say anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 feet. They move
in all directions across the sky, sometimes in a direction opposite to
the wind direction. Usually they travel in straight lines across the sky
(they are no longer visable when they are no longer reflected by the
sun), but occassionally they seem to veer in a slightly different
direction. In a way, they look like satellites when seen at night, but
most travel much faster.

Other Interesting Features

In addition to these objects, is another most unusual feature.
Occassionally you'll see a tiny "spiral" of cloud-like material suddenly
appear in the sky (at very high elevation). These are beautiful to
Sometimes they are spirals, and other times ribbons. They appear
suddenly, and last for about 5-10 seconds. It is almost as though an
object in the upper atmosphere was leaving a type of "jet trail".

The Next Steep

I tried to take pictures of the bright objects, but couldn't see them
through a camera with a 200 mm lens. It is my hope that someone on the
list will try to photograph the objects with a larger, more powerful
camera lens, and have the photo enlarged.

BTW, once you have trained your eyes to see the objects (don't get
confused with the floating fluff, birds, etc.) you should be able to
on the average, about one object every ten seconds. This is not an
exaggeration. I am astounded by the number of these objects.

See For Yourself

I am not willing to debate whether I saw this or not. Get your
out and see for yourself. Anyone with a pair of binoculars should be
able to do it. And if anyone has a powerful camera, please post the
for others to analyze. The experiment should also be carried out during
the winter, when the "fluff" explanation can be more easily tested.
Also, an enlargement can help test the high flying, highly reflective
bird explanation.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

John Koopmans

(Thanks, John "There are UFO's over NY and I ain't too surprised" Velez)

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