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Re: Roswell Rods Kal Korff posting - 5-14-97

From: Jose and Karen Escamilla <rods@rmi.net>
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 12:55:04 -0700
Fwd Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 22:16:23 -0400
Subject: Re: Roswell Rods Kal Korff posting - 5-14-97

Re: Kal K. Korff on Rods - from May 14,1997 posting which reads:

>From: TotlResrch@aol.com
>Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 03:55:59 -0400 (EDT)
>Fwd Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 16:05:30 -0400
>Subject: Re: 'Roswell Rods'

>Recently, there has been talk about "huge Rods" being seen and filmed
>over Roswell. While I have not taken the time to analyze these images in
>detail, I have taken a cursory look at them and have noticed a couple of

>1) They are almost always pretty much out of focus -- which is
>unfortunate and, to some, suspicious.

>2) The photographer and his (presumed wife) have also photographed
>"ghosts" on numerous occasions.

>3) There is a video and still photos of these images for sale.

>4) OF COURSE they have "showed up" just in time for the 50th anniversary
>of Roswell.

>While I have no idea(s) whether these images are "real" or not, I do
>hope that he goes out and buys a powerful zoom lens so that better
>images can be obtained. We need more than just blurry, out of focus
>images to work with if there's any hope of resolving this issue.

>This is what I would hope any prudent person would do given the chance
>to capture these "ETs" on film repeatedly. It also might help to have
>more than one photographer involved, shooting at different angles and
>with varying video, film, and camera equipment and lenses.

>Finally, I am not optimistic this will ever be done, (IF past cases can
>be considered a pecedent) and it is a shame that once again when the
>apparent opportunity to bring a scientifically controlled environment
>for documenting these things and can easily be done, that some excuse
>will probably be made as to why  this wasn't possible. The most likely
>one? "They quit showing up"

>It will be interesting to see how this case develops. I, too, would
>encourage people to checkout the "Rods" WEB site and peruse BOTH the
>"ghost" photos and the supposed "UFO" pictures. Who knows, maybe we just
>might get lucky this time around.

>Kal K. Korff


In the posting in May you mentioned that we will probably say the Rods
have disappeared and cannot produce the scientific documentation you
readily offer as missing with the images we currently have.

We are going forward with this investigation, with scientific principals
applied, stereo camera tiangulation, professional optical equipment so
that the images are captured as "clear and detailed" as possible, and
this is a phenomean that is not declining, but progressing. Since your
posting in May, we now have 23 states where Rods are being reported and
videotaped. There are better, more clear, images being submitted to us,
taken by "others" with Digital Broadcast quality cameras, in broad
daylight, and using high shutter settings of 1/10,000.

To further your commentary on the suspicians you may have toward me and
"my assumed wife-(we are married)" all I can say is that observations
made by you, Skeptical Inquirer's Joe Nickels, Philip Klass and others
in the past, are the reason we are going to further the investigation
into the Rods until we find out what they are....or are not. The Rods
Expedition is being funded and we are very close to documenting Rods
with the equipment long needed for this type of investigation.

The problems and suggestions with the trends of the past among UFO
cases, (as you refer to), is not a problem with us. We are pushing the
envelope on this phenomena leaving no stone unturned in our scientific
investigation. From using Kodak's new 40,500 fps motion measurement
cameras, (high speed video cams that can stop a bullet in mid-flight,
and for measuring balloon deployment), to recording audio imprints of
the environments where Rods appear more frequently, we intend to put
together an investigation on the Rods with intent on covering every
arguement raised; insect theory, video artifacts, lens anomolies,
Linda's battery causes Rods theory, natural phenomena, anything you
suspect we will cover and bring forth conclusive evidence.

I am not looking toward UFOlogy as a career. I'm going to puch this
project in order to get it finished and go on to making movies as was my
original plan in 1994, beofre we had the UFO experience at Midway, New

I suggest you do an independent investigation, using your suggested
protocols so we can all compare notes, (but I strongly suspect), you
will give us all some lame answer like, "it would be a waste of time"
rather than go for it full speed.

The next phase of evidence we will be presenting will incorporate as
thorough a process in the documentation aspects of our investigation.
You are welcome to join us out in the field, (as I invited you while in
LA, during our LEZZA Show appearance together), and I welcome your
insights into this documentation, because I know that one way or the
other, we will prove you and Skeptical Inquirer's, Joe Nickels, etc.,
wrong in a fraud being committed by myself, my wife, and the Independent
videographers that have joined this investigation.

The Roswell case, Billy Mier and most of the cases that you people
always rely on as a model for debunking, are old hat. If you guys want
to really get some credibility with us, come and join us in
investigating the Rods, which are here and now, and are increasing.

We are using you guys as our model, because we are covering every aspect
you would turn to.


Jose Escamilla

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