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Statements by NICAP Officials in 1957

From: jan@cyberzone.net (Jan Aldrich)
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 1997 10:16:41 -0700
Fwd Date: Sat, 04 Oct 1997 11:46:12 -0400
Subject: Statements by NICAP Officials in 1957

Here is an interesting newspaper article from 1957
with statements from both Hillenkoetter and Fournet.
Note that there are several mistakes Charles Maney:
was not a PhD, he was at Defiance College, not University.

Whether Moonwatch teams, at this time, 1957, had UFO sightings
or not is questionable.  There were some newspaper accounts
saying that some teams saw something unusual.  Later analysis
may have found the answer.

Dr. Hynek gave Edward Ruppelt a statement for his book
which said that U. S. Moonwatch teams had not reported
any UFOs.  Later, in communication with LTC Friend, Project
Blue Book chief, Dr. Hynek was "pained" to say that the
statement as far as he knew was correct at the time he gave
it to Ruppelt, but after Ruppelt's  updated "The Report on
Unidentified Flying Objects" went to  press, unidentified
sighting reports came in from Moonwatch team personnel.

Keyhoe and the other NICAP board members that the opening of
space would bring better UFO data.  The assumptions they made
were unjustified.  These assumption include:

  1. That the satellite and tracking personnel will recognized
and report anomalous airborne and space objects.

  2. That the tracking personel knew about the UFO
problem and were charged to get better data.

  3. That the network might even be part of an effort to get
better UFO data.

None of these assumptions are supportable in the light of history.
However, for 1957 just after a large UFO flap, they might have
seemed reasonable to people who were deeply immersed in UFO

Casper (Wyoming) Morning Star, November 29, 1957

Space Travel May Answer Saucers.
By Douglas Larsen
NEA Staff Correspodent

  WASHINGTON--(NEA) Man's invasion of space should
produce a solution to the intriguing msytery of the
nature of unidentified flying objects--the UFOs which
have turned up again in the wake of Russia's two Sputniks.

  This is the belief of the former head of the U. S. Central
Intelligence Agency, Adm. R. H. Hillenkoetter.

  "Satellite and space exploration programs should give us new,
valuable information on UFOs, affording definite evidence as to
their reality," he says, "and this will result because of a
termendous increase in observation of the sky by radar and
telescope tracking systems and by naked-eye observations."  He

  "This will certainly increase the number of detailed UFO
reports from trained observers--reports including accurate
measurement of courses, speeds, altitudes, maneuvers, and sizes
and shapes of such object."

                   *     *     *

  Since leaving as boss of the nation's top-level intelligence
agency, the admiral has made himself one of the best-informed
flying saucers experts in the country.  He is a member of the
board of hte newly-created Naitonal Investigations Committee on
Aerial Phenomena, with headquarters here.

   NICAP's members include some top scientists and prominent
citzens attempting to find scientific answers to the saucer
mystery.  Members of the board also include:  J. B. Hantrnft,
president of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association; Dr.
Charles A. Maney, professor of astrophysics at Defiance
University, and Rev. Leon C. Le Van of Pittsburgh.

  They all agree with Adm. Hillenkoetter that the advent of
space exploration could solve the saucer secrets.  And Russia's
Sputnik has already greatly increased reports of saucer sightings.

  Retired Marine Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, NICAP director and well-
known author on the subject of saucers, reports:

   "There are already increase in authenic UFO reports since the
Russian satellite drew public attention to the skies.  Also,
spotters of Operation Moonwatch, the U. S. satellite tracking
network have sighted a number of UFOs during tracking practice
over wide areas."

   For example, several days after Sputnik's appearance an Air
Force jet pilot flying 42,000 feet over Washington at night
reported to Moonwatch control center officers here that he saw
a disk-shaped object flashing across the sky.  Moonwatch officials
quickly detemined that it could not have been Sputnik.

   The relay of the pilot's message was not fast enough to try
to track whatever the object was.  But the reporting precedure
is being speeded up so that tracking any reported UFO will be
possible in the future.

                   *         *            *

   "The army of amateur and professional astronomers with all
kinds of telescopes, which is organized under Moonwatch, is an
ideal organization for checking saucer reports," a spokesman

   AF Maj. Dewey Fournet, previous the Pentagon project officer
on UFOs and now a member of hte NICAP board, looks to the future
when U. S. satellites will be in the skies in great numbers.  He

   "U. S. satellites -- especially the larger ones -- can be
instrumented to detect or photograph UFOs within their range and
transmit details to earth station."

   Maj. Keyhoe elaborates on this idea:

    "Russia and the U. S. have announced they are definitely
planning several space machines. So it's quite possible that
the first space ships or satellites may encountere other
interplanetary machines, manned or otherwise.  Our space
devices may even be closely approached by such alien machines.

             *      *      *       *

  "If this happens our space devices could be equipped to
attempt automatic communication, by light or signals, or by
radio, when near UFOs.  Any answer woudl be automatically
relayed to earth, and direct communication could then be
established from earth stations by remote control of the
communication systems."

  Keyhoe also adds:

  "Since the U. S. and the Russians are planning moon bases, it
is not impossible that a race from some other planet could
already have set up such an opertation base on the moon."

Jan Aldrich
Project 1947


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