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Re: Ufosearch, ACC, Bell Labs and Roswell

From: RGates8254@aol.com [Robert Gates]
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 19:26:01 -0400 (EDT)
Fwd Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 01:21:28 -0400
Subject: Re: Ufosearch, ACC, Bell Labs and Roswell

>Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 08:53:36 +1000
>To: updates@globalserve.net
>From: Stuart & Toni Livesey <livesey@trump.net.au>
>Subject: Ufosearch, ACC, Bell Labs and Roswell

>G'day List,

>I know that there are some people on the list who now
>automatically hit the delete key as soon as they see a subject
>that mentions ACC and that is unfortunate because this seems to
>be one subject where members of the list have really worked at
>investigating the subject. In the past many topics have
>degenerated into slanging matches but this time the postings on
>this subject, in the most part, have been objective.

One of the reasons people hit the delete key is because ACC and
its claims are sounding more like previous claims made by others.

For example:

Late last fall a man named Lee Shargel, who was billed as a NASA
scientest, claimed based upon tales told by people who were
absolutly-impeccable-never-wrong,  "space scientists" who had
told him that on Jan 24th 1997 "ET radio waves would bathe the
earth which would begin a new day for mankind."  Never happened,
but gulliable people were spreading the tale as absolute gospel
truth to never be doubted.

Last August when the Mars rock annnouncement was made by NASA,
all the insiders-never-wroing-intelligence-sources-who-knew-every-last-de
tail, claimed that this was the precursor to the "big ET reality
announcement by President Clinton BEFORE the November election."
Never happened.

Not to mention the Yellowbook/10,000 year history of ET dealings
with mankind/how Christ was an ET blah blah tale which gained
momentum and legs so to speak last year and early this year.
This tale was supposed to climax on April 24th 1997 with mass ET
landings in the desert SW -- White Sands area in which the ET's
would show the world.... blah blah.  Keep in mind that the people
purveying this tale always claimed that the source was an
was-never-wrong-about-anything- AND anybody that questioned the
story just didn't understand how deep inside the government he
was, and why his information was impeccable.   Never happened.

This dates me but in 1974 people in the UFO community were all
lathered up with the tale of:  New President Gerald Ford is going
to hold a press conference to announce the existance of UFOs/ET.
When asked where the info came from it was always some unnamed
high level source that was never wrong.
Never Happened.

What I have just named constitutes the tip of the iceburg in the
UFO community over the years on these kind of wild claims and


>Firstly, Ufosearch has suggested that Roswell could have been staged so
>that it appeared as though alien technology just fell into the government's
>hands rather than being passed to us as part of some sort of treaty. As Val
>Germann points out, there is nothing concrete that we can point to that
>would support this point of view but it certainly has a lot of
>circumstantial evidence to support it.

There is also not one drop of hard evidence about the so called
alien treaty.  Just because a circumstantial evidence case is
made about something does not mean that the authors
interpretation of the facts is correct.

>Secondly ACC claims that our technology was seeded by aliens through the
>Roswell incident and out of that seeding came the intergrated circuit and
>all that flowed from it. Again there is nothing concrete to support that
>suggestion but once again there is some circumstantial evidence that could
>support it.

Please not ACC is not claiming this but has admitted that they
are only passing on the tales/stories told by others who are

In effect they are putting out gossip to folks, admitting its gossip,
then everybody has kittens and believes it.

>Thirdly there is the claim that this technology was passed to Bell Labs who
>worked on it at their site in New Jersey, once again there is no direct
>concrete evidence that this happened BUT ..... there is a bit of
>information in the ACC claim that can and has been confirmed. ACC states
>that the Bell Labs in the Watchung Mountains in New Jersey was defended by
>anti-missile batteries. That is true although originally it was
>anti-aircraft batteries that were situated around the Bell Labs site. What
>did Bell Labs have that was worth the expense of such defenses? Did other
>civilian sites have such defences?

You are understandbly unaware of the early history of Air Defense
in the United States.

Hanford, Seattle, Los Angles, Oak Ridge, Chicago, Minneapolis not
to mention MANY others had anti-aircraft batteries that were
later converted to Nike missile.

Bell labs was just as important as Hanford, and the other cities
I mentioned.  At the time the military was going to put AA in all
major cities that they considered targets of the new threat the
Soviet Union.  Later that plan was scaled back but generally
included all the defense plants and air bases to some degree or

ACC's source was unaware of this also to call them "anti-missile
batteries", since anti missile batteries really didn't begin to
be tested in the very late 50s, and some limited test deployment
in the early 60s.


>So, to the question. If we assume all the above points as being factual
>then what was the threat that the Government needed to defend Bell Labs
>agains? Who were defences supposed to deter?

During the late 40s and early 50s the greates fear the US had was
not attack by ET's, but bomber attacks by the Soviet Union.
Sarkeroff  (developer of the Soviet H-Bomb) said in his Memoirs
that had Stalin perceived "ANY" military weakness in the United
States, he would of attacked with the intention of destroying us.


Bottom line is if a wild story or tale is posted on the Web
gulliable people will lap it up and defend it to its death.  When
it dies, they will move on to the next incredible tale, under the
notion of "well sooner or later something truthful will come

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