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From: George Filer <Majorstar@AOL.COM>
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 19:40:52 -0400
Fwd Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 11:39:25 -0400
Subject: CURRENT-ENCOUNTERS: Filer's File #39

Filer's Files #39  MUFON Skywatch Investigations
From George A. Filer:  MUFON Eastern Director  2 October 1997
Majorstar@aol.com (609) 654-0020

There continues to be signs and indications of heavy UFO activity.

On 26 September 1997, a  bizarre, triangular object was sighted over
Providence, RI, at 0140 hours. by the occupants of approximately six
vehicles, all of which stopped to view the event. The witnesses were standing
on an overpass that crosses Highway 10, and they watched it for approximately
10 minutes. The object had three very bright, white lights, arranged in a
triangular pattern, together with approximately five smaller, dimmer lights
arranged in a straight line on the ventral side of the object. The object
appeared to the one witness who telephoned the National UFO Reporting Center,
to slowly rotate during the 10 minutes, or so, that he estimates he witnessed
it, at which time it began to rise vertically, and then accelerated very
rapidly until it disappeared in the night sky. Some of the witnesses urged
others to say nothing about the incident, lest they not be  believed, and
then criticized. Peter Davenport contacted the Providence Journal Bulletin
(newspaper) [(401) 277-7303] to inform their staff of the sighting report,
but one staff member stated that they had received no calls or reports of the
event.  A senior member of the staff apprised Davenport that they "did not
place much credibility in those (UFO) reports, and therefore, they did not
investigate them." Thanks to ---Peter B. Davenport, Director National UFO
Reporting Center director@ufocenter.com


On Tuesday, September 16, 1997, at 9:12 p.m., Mr. and Mrs. Ian W. were
walking to their neighborhood market in the vicinity of West 23rd Street and
7th Avenue in lower Manhattan, New York City, when they saw an unusual
display in the sky.   "It was a beautiful warm evening here in New York
City," Ian reported.  "As we approached the corner. I looked ahead and saw
(Boeing) 747 slowly cross New York's West Side.  The reason we stared is
because it was flying 'very' low, appearing very large in the sky with all
its landing lights on."      "Looking northwest, we stopped at the corner of
West 23rd and Seventh Avenue and watched the plane slowly cross the city and
bank slightly to the southeast. It was at this time that out of the corner of
our eyes, directly to our right (northeast) we spied a large green object
passing over the city."
     "This object appeared to be oval-shaped.  It was flying higher than the
747 and was moving at an incredible rate of speed.  We could not determine
the altitude but the object looked large--about the size of a quarter held at
arm's length."      The couple described the object as "round...with a white
center and a glowing green oval-shaped halo." It was "higher than the 747 but
not 'that' much higher." (Many thanks to Jane S. Derry and Thanks to UFO
Roundup #37, editor Joe Trainor for forwarding this report.)


Last week, we reported MUFON Investigator, Dr. Bruce Cornet reported video
taping a possible missile attack on a commercial jetliner over Sea Bright, NJ
on 12 August 1997. Sea Bright is located on the northeastern coast of the
Atlantic Ocean near Sandy Hook and twenty miles south of JF Kennedy
International Airport. MUFON investigator and pilot, Bob Durant reports that
the Canarsie approach to Runway's 13 Left and Right at Kennedy fly over or
near Sea Bright/Sandy Hook at an altitude of 3,000 feet.  This approach to
JFK is near the Canarsie Airport in Brooklyn.  Bruce caught an exciting eight
frames of the possible missile or UFO attack on video. The missile was video
taped descending toward the airliner  flying at a lower altitude and glowing.
 Bob Durant also points out that Major Fred Meyer, an Air National Guard
helicopter pilot was flying in plain view of TWA Flight 800 departing from
Kennedy, when it exploded. In an interview with Aviation Week Magazine the
Major stated, "Almost due south (of the helicopter) there was a hard white
light like burning pyrotechnics, in level flight.  I was trying to figure out
what it was.  It was the wrong color for flares.  It struck an object coming
from the right (TWA 800) and made it explode." Later he stated, He did not
know what the projectile was or where it came from, but is convinced he saw
an ordnance explosion near the plane.  This description of the missile seems
similar to Bruce's video. In the first frame, the UFO or missile appears to
be glowing at the top of the frame and heading down toward the aircraft. The
second frame shows a brilliant flash around the missile.  In the third frame,
the missile appears to be on fire. The forth frame shows the missile smoking
and turning sideways.  This frame shows a definite cigar or missile shaped
 object.  Fortunately this airliner was not damaged.

      I frequently spend the weekend at the New Jersey shore about thirty
miles south of Sandy Hook.  Almost nightly there are numerous ships moving
along the coast.  On several occasions I observed low flying aircraft above
these ships. Although, I did not observe an actual launch of an aircraft from
the ships this could have occurred.  Helicopters, vertical takeoff aircraft,
ultralights  or missiles  could be launched from these ships or coastal
airfields. Both myself and the Coast Guard have also received several reports
of aircraft flying without lights in the nearby coastal areas.  First, this
is a violation of flying rules, second this is a dangerous practice, lastly
the craft must have an ulterior motive for flying with no lights. One
possibility is that the observed craft are being flown by terrorists and
carry missiles or EMP weapons. Terrorists knowing the departure and approach
routes from JFK Airport could easily fly to a higher altitude and wait for an
unsuspecting aircraft to come into range. Some 150 witnesses claim to have
seen a missile like object intercept TWA Flight 800.

I also received the following e-mail from investigator Ron Hannivig. Best
Viable Theory:

>>>    TWA Flight 800 was only at 14,000 feet when it exploded.  A near miss
of a powerful device using electrical discharges might cause an electrical
surge large enough to ignite the fumes in the empty center fuel  tank aboard
the 747. The device may be designed not to explode in a standard high
explosive mode, which would leave easily recognizable chemical traces, but to
use high voltage electrical pulses.  At the time  of the TWA disaster several
witnesses reported seeing a missile like object approach the 747 on a level

Ron states: "Going upon what we are aware of . . . and what the government is
currently telling us, your simple and concise assessment last week appears to
be right on track."

My military background was in demolitions (Special Forces trained in
1962,served in South Vietnam in early 1963 with a "A" Team from the 7th).  It
would be interesting to know if those probes located inside the center fuel
tank of the 747 could actually act as detonators - if, or when they receive a
sudden surge of high wattage . . . as would be the likely case in being hit
with an electromagnetic "slug".    Off hand, I would suspect that they could
function as detonators - given their general overall design . . . and compact
assembly.  Their critical placement . . . and amount of fumes within the
center fuel tank would be ideal conditions for inciting an explosion.
 Furthermore, with all of the wiring in a Jumbo Jet - an electromagnetic
"slug" passing through the fuselage would have produced an enormous and
spontaneous amount of  electrical energy seeking their shortest and least
lines of resistance - i.e., those probes. Ron further states: Radar
documentation also indicates  a return - or energy  "slug" was reported to
have flown a loop around the target.  This was, of course . . . an extremely
bizarre account - and one which cannot be easily explained away.  However,
such a bizarre maneuver could have incited a massive electrical charge within
the wiring of the aircraft - as would normally occur in a field and coil
effect . . . of an electrical generator/dynamo.  Thanks to Ron Hannivig,
Simpson PA USA - 18407


Case97/03/01: John Thompson, the GA State Director continues to uncover
excellent cases.  A photo taken in late February or early March has been
analyzed by Jeff Saino, MUFON's photo analyst and is believed to be real.
 This analysis confirms other experts opinions of the  daytime shot of a
tubular UFO flying at an angle. The witness originally saw two UFOs as if
they "were meeting each other." Their orientation was like an upside down V
in the sky but the point of the V, of course, did not meet. They traveled at
all times at this 30-45 degree angle. The UFO on west side shot off like "a
bullet" according to main witness. Then "came back like a bullet" to fly
formation with the other identical UFO. Then, the UFO departed to the south
at same high speed. At this point the remaining UFO started moving ENE or NE
at about 50-60 mph. Photo was taken when it was at its closest to the camera
(at 80 degrees, almost overhead) while looking directly east. The LaGrange
witness  described the UFO as looking like a "fuse with its middle between
its ends all shiny." The photo shows a tubular  object with a stripe in the
middle going around it vertically much like slicing through a tube of cookie
dough. Indeed, that would be the best way to describe it: Like a Betty
Crocker's tube of cookie dough with a stripe going around its middle. The
witnesses do not remember seeing any stripe. Estimate of real size is sixty
feet, about the length of three cars. Elevation was less than a mile. The UFO
was about a half a mile away. Clear skies, no wind. Photos were taken from
the only negative as I watched at Bowen's photography. The negative clearly
shows the UFO when using  a magnifying glass. Experts have unofficially
analyzed the negative and said definitely no plane or balloon. Witness has
excellent reputation.
    Check with National Weather Service in Birmingham, Peachtree City (GA)
and Eglin Air Force base in Florida revealed that it was not one of their
balloons. They use standard 600 gram balloons only. These balloons are four
by six feet growing to house size in course of less than two hours before
they burst. The balloons have strings, parachute, and instruments underneath
that can usually be seen at low altitude. Also Peachtree said, most National
Weather balloons are launched at 7 AM and 7 PM. None would last to 1-2 PM
when photo was taken. Generally they can go in ideal jet streams up to
several hundred miles away before falling to ground.  Several other witnesses
confirm observing the UFOs. Moving at high speeds.


 ZURICH, Switzerland (AP) -- An unidentified, wingless object traveling at
high speed passed dangerously close to a Swissair jetliner between
Philadelphia and Boston, the airline said Friday.     The pilot and copilot
gave U.S. investigators different descriptions of the object that passed
about 50 yards from the Boeing 747 after it had taken off from Philadelphia
on Aug. 9, said the airline.     The pilot told the U.S. National
Transportation Safety Board that the object as long and wingless, but the
copilot said it was more spherical, Swissair spokesman Erwin Schaerer said.
    The incident took place at 23,000 feet. The plane's final destination was
A second AP announcement stated: And what was it?  It probably was a weather
balloon, NTSB spokesman Pat Cariseo said Friday.  (The sighting) does not
lead us to believe that was something self-propelled,'' Cariseo added.
 Copyright 1997. Associated Press. 26-Sep-1997 12:48 EDT  REF5556 All Rights
Note: Weather balloons make very useful excuses for anything in the air
without wings. I doubt that balloons launched at 7 AM would still be airborne
at 12:48 PM..


Sept. 24 (UPI) -- Americans should sleep soundly at night with no fears of an
alien abduction - because the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff certainly
does. General. John Shalikashvili made his revelation during a
question-and-answer session at the National Press Club today. After
responding to questions about pressing issues such as Bosnia, military
down-sizing and sexual misconduct scandals, the Clinton administration's top
military advisor fielded one from deep out of left field. The question, read
by a moderator, asked Shalikashvili if the United States had been truthful
about threats the country faces from aliens traveling in unidentified flying
objects. It claimed a recent survey showed a sizable percentage of Americans
fear abduction by aliens. That prompted Shalikashvili, who came to the United
States as a teen, to quip, "Am I the alien they're talking about?" On a
slightly more serious note, he said he believes U.S. military officials have
been completely forthcoming about extraterrestrials. Some people believe the
government has covered up evidence that a flying saucer crashed in New Mexico
50 years ago, but Shalikashvili, who retires next week, said no evidence
exists.  He concluded, "I sleep well at night without the fear an alien being
is going to capture me." Note: General Shalikashvili and I attended Bradley
University at the same time. Despite my invitation, he has kindly refused to
participate in a debate with me regarding UFOs.


On Wednesday, September 23, 1997, at 7:45 p.m., five children playing on
University Lane in Batavia, Ohio (population 1,896), approximately 10 miles
east of Cincinnati spotted a UFO crossing the sky from west to east.
     Dovey, age 11, described the object as "reddish-orange and very bright."
 Her friends, Jerry and Brandon, both age 10, said "black things were
sticking out of the object."      At about the same time, Susan D., age 36,
of Afton, Ohio was driving east on Route 32, intent on meeting her husband in
nearby Williamsburg (population 1,952).  As she pulled into the parking lot,
"the object was seen in the open sky, visible above the trees."  It "was
about 100 feet (33 meters) above the tree line in the vicinity of East Fork
Lake."   During their drive home to Afton, Susan and her husband had the UFO
in view for 10 minutes.  She said it "resembled a lit candle with a glow
around it," and it "disappeared from view behind trees to the south of our
location, which was in the vicinity of East Fork Lake."      Back in
Williamsburg, Susan's daughter, Chrissy, age 17, and boyfriend Mike spied the
UFO around 8:30 p.m.  They "saw it for about one minute" and described it as
"a big, big white-colored light. An airplane beside it would look like a big
dot.  It was about as big as a baseball held at arm's length and flew along
at treetop level."   Thanks to Tri-States Advocates for Scientific Knowledge
(T.A.S.K.) and Kenneth Young for these reports.)


'Victor J Kean of Project Flying Triangles (FTs)' showing  a steady rise in
FT reports:

                  Others           FTs      %Flying Triangles
1942-1951      676              32               4.5%
1952-1961    1245              77               5.8%
1962-1971      972            216               18.2%
1972-1981      577            174               23.2%
1982-1991      648            326               53.8%

As a result of the formation of 'Project FT'  which requested FT reports
*only* from some 30 UFO Groups (Mainly UK). In 1992 there were 62 FTs
reported. In 1993, there were 196 FT reports, in 1994 they increased to 310,
with a five fold increase in 1995 to 1749 reports. In 1996, there were 956
reports. These records are incomplete and additional data is still being
received.  Our general impression is that FTs now account for between 90 -
95% of all current  UFO  reports.  Since our earliest FT data of FTs
described as "black with three white lights at its apexes and with a red
central light underneath, hovering silently or moving very slowly at a low
height."  are from the year 1960 we feel safe in excluding U.S. 'stealth'
aircraft. Thanks to Victor J.Kean Project FT.  Note: This steady rise in
reports suggests solid objects with  predictable operations implying possible
secret government aircraft. The FTs generally hover over five English nuclear
power plants. This activity suggests the FTs  monitor  or use the plants
production of electricity, radiation and or neutrinos for fuel indicating
true UFOs.


On September 21, 1997, J Miles reports I saw up to 30 VERY high altitude
items flying a fantastic speed, from the ground, at Camberely, in Surrey,
England.  The last time I saw this sort of stuff was when I was at Area 51.
This was a rare crystal clear night, without much glare from London.  I saw
multiple "shooting stars" following each other, in many different directions,
in a matter of a few minutes. Then a super fast low altitude item, fly by.
  I understand some kind of Scalar Atom Bomb sized air burst was noted some
where near the US, recently. Regards,   Miles J, se

We're going to Pine Bush, NY this Thursday and Friday for a skywatch. We're
meeting at the Comfort Inn in Newburgh at 5:00 PM on Thursday, 2 October.
Your invited.

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