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Re: Questions for abductees

From: rfsignal@sprynet.com
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 07:06:21 -0700
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Subject: Re: Questions for abductees

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>Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Questions for abductees

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>>>From: "R.Bull" <RAB@cadcentre.co.uk> [Rob Bull]
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>>>Subject: Questions for abductees
>>>Date: Mon, 29 Sep 97 15:41:00 BST

>>You may want to check out a copy of Dave Jacobs book, "Secret
>>Lives" for a listing of commonly reported phenomena or, you can
How many times have ordinary people broken out of the shell of
their lives to scream that there is something different,
something so strange and incomprehensible that it defies
explanation?  Well, that is exactly what is going on with
abductees, contactees, and so on.  So, in the great order of
things, please explain how this process comes about.

I, for one, have my own book of stories to tell. And, if I think
you are willing to listen, I will talk or type about my
experiences.  Whether or not you are judgemental about the
dialogue is a matter that I personally am not concerned with.  I
can make many extrordinary claims, say all kinds of things, with
only my memories to back me up as proof.  And, I make mistakes,
sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose, in the retelling of
my stories.  Are those mistakes of any concequence to me?  No.
But the very literal accuracy demanded by serious investigators,
is missing.  It is this excuse that anyone can use to believe or
not to believe what the content of my dialogue contains in
certain generalizations and specifics.  I suppose that is the
trouble with witnesses of any kind, especially if it concerns
'unnatural' or 'extraterrestial' in any way.

I am no different than thousands of other mundane, normal, humans
who have had something go bump in their lives.  It isn't the sort
of thing that happens only in the night, or in the day, or in the
town of Oswego.  It is a series of stories, experiences and so on
of those thousands of people that do have generalizations that
are not always evident.  So, for anyone to question and mock the
honest and personal recountings, is failing to respect the
sincerity of the very human person.

Do you not see beyond the lies and hoaxes that are told?  Do you
discount a story because you personally cannot understand the
verity of its extrordinary content, or perhaps, discover a slight
inaccuracy of details?  Does this very act actually nullify the
experience of the abductee or contactee?  Yeah, right!

UFOs are the soap operas of the century.  All of the ghosts have
been banished, all of the creatures of the world have been found,
catalogued and set on a course of controlled extermination.  So
what's new?  Why, UFOs of course. Who believes?  Who doesn't
believe?  Set your lines and live for your lives, the stories
will astound you.

Be that as it may, let me raise a first point.  All of the
abductions start with children.  By the time those children grow
up, their lives are so set that there is no way their courses can
be altered.  So, how do you think you appear in the eyes of those

Take care for now,
Cathy Johnson

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